I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping my mother get out of where she was. On new year’s eve, you even took the time to help her. Thank you Angel Pauline.

Christine Scott

Family Member

We have been fortunate, Pauline Hampton started senior solutions, to rely on the wonderful, caring and compassionate services provided. She is not only adept at assessing and evaluating her clients for placement suited to their unique needs but genuinely cares for their well-being.

Anotine R.

Gadpaille, Esq

Pauline patiently explains options and has given us tips on how best to help my friend and her family deal with her needs while still respecting her wishes. Pauline is caring, resourceful, knowledgeable and passionate about helping seniors to make the transition from living independently to where there is care provided in a comfortable environment. Even though we’re not ready just yet, she has already provided much-needed consultation, and we know who we’ll be calling when it’s time. Thanks, Pauline. Your friendship is very special and appreciated.

Joan Williams

I can't say enough good things about Pauline. She has helped me with elderly clients and done a fabulous job. She has a great manner about her; kind, sensitive, and empathetic. She knows the facilities well and can make a huge difference for a family who doesn't know where to begin to find a safe place for their loved one. I highly recommend her.

Karen Kounter

It was wonderful to work with Pauline! Worked with my mother and myself to place my father in a care facility for dementia, we only had 4 days to place him because he was being release from the rehabilitation facility. Pauline met our requirements, and very supportive of my mother's emotional state. I highly recommend her!!!!!

Jay Dille

Pauline was so helpful in helping me and my sisters find a home for my mom. We couldn't have done it on our own. She was great. My mom is very happy there.

Patricia England

Pauline is fantastic! While going through the everyday stress of life, Pauline made it possible that this would be one less thing for me to worry about. My (somewhat) difficult father had to be transitioned from a skilled nursing facility to a board and care. She met my father, got to know him, and helped him understand what was happening. Although the first place didn't work out at the last minute (due to my father), she immediately found another place and he was taken in. No way I could do this on my own. I HIGHLY recommend her services!!

Thanks Pauline!!

Lupe Valdez

Pauline was super helpful in finding a senior home for my good friends mother. It was a stressful time for the family and she made the transition super easy. Very professional and caring.

T Coffey

I have been working with Pauline as a provider for over 4 years, and her services have benefited many of my clients, some of whom are very difficult, and she has helped all of them. I recommend her regularly.

Gerard O'Brien 5 reviews

A dear friend, who looks after my family as if it were her own, introduced me to Pauline about a year ago. Pauline is the consummate professional and dedicated to providing excellent services to her clientele. I truly appreciate her personal touch, patience, and understanding. 

My brother and I have been struggling with getting our dad into a better living situation, as his ability to live independently is becoming more difficult. Pauline understands how difficult of a transition this can be; not only for the elderly individual, but for the family as well. Let's just say that my dad doesn't have the easiest personality to work with and Pauline handled him like a pro. She was able to establish a good relationship with my dad, which therefore made him more willing to be open and receptive to the referrals she shared. She took us on tours of assisted living facilities and quickly followed up after our visits to see if we had questions or needed additional assistance. She also connected our family with an in home caregiving service. Although my dad hasn't pulled the trigger on leaving his home yet, when he is required to make the move, without hesitation, I will give Pauline a call for assistance

Ingrid H.

Santa Clarita, CA

Pauline is absolutely amazing and was so incredibly helpful! We weren't happy with where my dad was at and didn't know where to turn. Pauline sat down with my family, asked what was most important to us and explained possible solutions. Next she sat down with my dad and talked with him and listened to his stories and got to know about him. She found possible options for him and the last one was better than anything we imagined and something we never knew existed. She connected us with a VA specialist to see if he qualified for benefits we weren't aware of and walked us through the entire process. In a stressful situation she made sense of the chaos and helped us feel informed in our decisions and most importantly gave us options and choice. If you have a senior, Pauline has a solution!

Krista C.

Brea, CA

I've had the pleasure of meeting Pauline a few years ago through our professional network. Senior Solutions is very well recommended by the Brea, La Habra and Yorba Linda business community because of the passion that Pauline has for helping seniors. She is an expert and knows all the ins and outs of the process to finding the perfect home but most of all she is compassionate. She is a truly caring person and I would trust in referring her to friends, family or anyone in need of senior care living arrangements.

Cinthya Henry

Senior Solution is one of the very best placement companies in the California.

Manny LaFosse

Pauline is attentive, caring, and compassionate when working with her clients. She makes sure that all family members are aware of their options and makes the transition as smooth as possible. I would recommend all who need support and guidance in senior care and placement to Pauline.

Ashley Cole

Pauline, is very passionate about placing the client in the right facility. She truly puts her heart and soul into her placements. I recommend Senior Solutions to anyone that needs assistance.

Maureen Griffin

At Senior Solutions we are devoted to exceeding our customers' expectations in every manner possible, guaranteeing you professionalism and a service held to exceptional standards.