Senior Living Options

Finding an Assisted Living option that’s right for you

SENIOR SOLUTIONS can help you through the process of finding the right assisted living that meets your physical, social and financial needs. We schedule appointments and tour the facilities with you. Our goal is to provide dignity and independence.

Senior Solutions considers the following when searching for an Assisted Living:

Staff & Residents

  1. Are residents clean and dressed by 10 AM?
  2. Is the staff caring and friendly?
  3. How many direct care staff are there for each shift?

Physical Features

  1. Is the facility clean and free of odors?
  2. Are common areas accessible to wheelchairs and walkers?
  3. Are call bells available in the bathrooms & bedrooms?

Quality Of Food

  1. Can the residents request special foods?
  2. Can the residents receive needed assistance in eating?
  3. Does the menu vary from day to day?

Quality Of Social Interaction

  1. Does the facility have a planned activities program?
  2. Do volunteers and outside groups visit the facility?
  3. Are pets allowed to visit?

Assisted Living Statistics

With an increase of 112% of our elderly population from 1990 to 2020, it’s no wonder Assisted Living is the most preferred and fastest growing long-term option for seniors.

Why would someone consider an Assisted Living? Take the fact, that according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one out of three adults, 65 years and older fall each year and over 95% of hip fractures are a result of a fall.

Assisted living offers peace of mind to a senior when it’s no longer practical to living alone.

Assisted Living can help prevent “Senior Falls” by offering: 

  1. Recreational activities including exercise which promotes balance and strength
  2. Transportation to doctor appointments for annual vision and hearing exams
  3. Providing floors of non-skid material and firm carpet to prevent falls and ease walking
  4. Providing grab bars in bathroom and showers with emergency call bells

Why Choose Assisted Living?

  1. Enjoy delicious chef prepared meals in a dining atmosphere!
  2. Enjoy making new friends and warm conversations!
  3. Enjoy a variety of activities and special outings!
  4. Enjoy the comfort & security in knowing you’re not home alone!

Residential Care

Residential Care Communities offer a homelike environment

Residential Care facilities, also known as “Board and Care Homes” or residential assisted living, are smaller and usually have 6 beds. Residents often have their own room, but can also share rooms. As is the case in someone's own home, the occupants may have to share a bathroom. These homes are likely to be more homelike, quiet, and located in suburban neighborhoods.

The primary difference between residential care facilities and assisted living facilities is size.

What’s an Ombudsman?

All licensed residential care facilities are to post the phone number to your local “Long-term Care Ombudsman”. This is a federal program under the Older Americans Act according to the California Department of Aging.

The Long-term Care Ombudsman is to investigate complaints and concerns of abuse on behalf of elders who live in residential care facilities. Ombudsman’s services are free and confidential. There is also a statewide CRISIS line number available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week 1-800-231-4024